Tag: Environmental Justice

Newburgh, N.Y., councilman: Water is basic human right, no matter income level

NEWBURGH, N.Y. – When Newburgh’s city manager declared a state of emergency last year after tests found dangerous levels of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid in the city’s water supply, Nancy Colas scheduled blood tests for everyone in her family. “My 17-year-old, he pretty much grew up here, and he’s been drinking that water all his life,”  she […]

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Milwaukee native uses music to spread awareness about city’s water problem

MILWAUKEE – When Milwaukee native Tory Lowe found out about the lead service lines running through Milwaukee, he took a different approach to help spread the word that the water is unsafe to consume. Along with producer Godzilla and rapper Eric “EP” Perkins, they formed The Midwest Connect and wrote a song titled “Don’t Drink […]

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Indiana University professor: Trump may ‘reverse’ progress on environmental justice

PHOENIX  – Poor and minority communities have long suffered from a disproportionate share of harmful environmental problems, such as contaminated water and polluted air. And one Indiana University associate professor fears those environmental justice issues will only get worse under President Donald Trump. David Konisky, who researches politics and public policy and focuses on environmental justice […]

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