Inform Our Reporting

The Public Insight Network (PIN) Bureau at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication works with the News21 newsroom to find sources across the country who can add valuable input and insight to issues the team investigates.

What are your concerns about your drinking water?

What role does water play in your daily life? Do you trust your water sources? Do you have a unique connection to water or an unusual story to tell? Carnegie-Knight News21 wants to hear your from you.

How has farming activity affected your drinking water?

Carnegie-Knight News21 wants to connect with people who live in or near farming communities and have had their water impacted by farming activity. Have you been impacted by contaminated drinking water due to agriculture in your area?

Do you have problems with your wells or septic systems?

We would like to gather insight from people that are living near septic systems or using wells. Do you use a well or septic system? Have you ever had problems related to using your well or septic system? If so, what happened?

Are registered superfund sites contaminating your water?

Carnegie-Knight News21 is working on an investigative project looking into the effects of Superfund sites on drinking water, and we want to hear from you.

Is your water contaminated with chemicals?

Have you had problems with your drinking water? Do you think your drinking water has caused an illness? Have you heard of any contamination of water in your area?

Has living near an active industrial site affected your drinking water?

What concerns do you have about drinking water in your community? Are there specific pollutants or contaminants you are concerned about? Why?