Fraser Allan Best
Arizona State University
Fraser is co-host and co-director of the News21 podcast, "Unfiltered." He's a member of the wells and septics team and a documentary producer. An Arizonan desert-dweller, he hails from the frigid Canadian north.
Bryan Anderson
Elon University
Bryan is on the industrial contamination team. The California native and Elon University senior is a journalism and media analytics double major with a minor in political science.
Macee Beheler
University of Oklahoma
Macee is a part of the Native American team, investigating mining legacy effect on tribes across America. Her family lives in Germany, and she has traveled to 12 countries.
Bryn Caswell
University of Alabama
Bryn, a native of Columbus, Ohio, is the social media team leader, and she's a member of the septic tank and private wells team. She is also part of the African American environmental justice team. She is a rising senior at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!
Claire Caulfield
Arizona State University
Claire is directing the News21 documentary while reporting on Superfund sites across the country and the industrial legacy on the East Coast. Loves public radio and bees.
Maria Esquinca
Arizona State University
Maria grew up in El Paso, is a RuPaul's Drag Race junkie. She loves Hot Cheetos and went skydiving once. Random facts aside, her career goal is to write about immigration, the border and marginalized communities.
Jordan Houston
American University
Jordan is a multimedia reporter on the overview and data team. She is a Utah native and retired skier.
Andrea Jaramillo
Arizona State University
Andrea is a member of the Latino team and a Latina from Mexico City. She is also part of the social media team. Listening to Juan Gabriel music is her guilty pleasure.
Lauren Kaljur
University of British Columbia
Lauren is the leader of the Native Americans team and the podcast team. She was born on an island surrounded by temperate rainforest – and she's feeling very hot and dry in the Sonoran desert.
Brandon Kitchin
Texas Christian University
Brandon is a member of the environmental justice, social media and documentary teams. He's a Dallas/Forth Worth native and attends Texas Christian University. Spider-Man is his favorite superhero because he is a photojournalist.
Rachel Konieczny
St. Bonaventure University
Rachel is a member of the national overview team. A western Pennsylvania native, she is an avid runner, law geek and fan of everything Pittsburgh.
Jenna Miller
Arizona State University
Jenna is a proud Vermont native who is tentatively adapting to the Arizona heat. Member of the wells and septics team, podcast producer and videographer.
Amy Molloy
Dublin City University
Amy is one of two Irish members on the News21 team. She's trying to dispel the stereotype by focusing on drinking water instead of alcohol.
Elissa Nuñez
George Washington University
Elissa Nuñez is the environmental justice team leader and a politics writer from New York interested in how Beyoncé can sing live while performing a full choreographed routine.
Fionnuala OLeary
Dublin City University
Fionnuala is a member of the wells and septics team who is a long way from Ireland. A Mark Wahlberg enthusiast, she is also a big fan of carbs and cats.
Agnel Philip
Arizona State University
Agnel is on the overview team. Bad at cooking, decent at tennis, better at math and kind of OK at guitar. Following the numbers.
William Taylor Potter
Louisiana State University
Taylor is on the environmental justice team, focusing on African-American communities. LSU student, East Texas native and part-time caretaker for 50,000 bees.
Alexis Reese
University of North Texas
Alexis is on the environmental justice team, a member of the social media, podcast and blog teams. Dallas, Texas, native. Food junkie.
Corinne Roels
Arizona State University
Corinne is a recovering travel addict with a proclivity for Diet Coke. She is an ASU master's student and member of the News21 military contamination team and blog team.
Michael Santiago
Syracuse University
Michael is the co-team leader of the environmental justice team. He has a passion for telling human-interest stories dealing with social justice issues and has taught his camera everything he knows.
Karl Schneider
Kent State University
Karl works on the industrial legacy team analyzing data and reporting on continuing industrial water pollutants. Kent State University alum and unabashed coffee addict.
Elizabeth Sims
University of Oklahoma
Elizabeth is a co-leader of the national overview team and a member of the social media team. She is a Dallas native and recently completed her first half marathon.
Briana Smith
Hofstra University
Briana is a member of the military, blog and social media teams. A Jersey girl at heart. Forever curious.
Jasmine Spearing-Bowen
Arizona State University
Jasmine is a member of the industrial contaminants team, and she is on the documentary, blog and social media teams. Arizona resident, by way of California, Hawaii, North Dakota and Saskatchewan.
Adrienne St. Clair
Arizona State University
Adrienne is a co-host of the News21 podcast, "Unfiltered." She's known for laughing too loud and asking lots of questions, and she'll risk heartburn for a spicy dinner any day.
Nicole Tyau
Arizona State University
Nicole is the blog team leader, a member of the farming team, documentary team and a podcast producer. Southern California native and proud mom of two cats.
Jackie Wang
University of Texas at Austin
Jackie is the farming team leader and a "Parks and Recreation" loyalist. Always happy to help you out if you need someone to take your survey. Highly susceptible to gamification.
Chelsea Ybanez
Arizona State University
Chelsea is a member of farming and documentary teams. She is pursuing her master's degree at ASU with a dream to become a pineapple farmer or mermaid.
Bliss Zechman
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Bliss is a member of the documentary and industrial teams. She is a Tennessee native and proud mom of two dogs, Fezziwig and Kelso.