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Louisiana residents must deal with chlorinated water to combat brain-eating amoeba

SAINT BERNARD PARISH, La. – Lester Evans prefers to drink bottled water. If he runs out, he’ll drink from the tap, but only when he needs to take his medication. “It’s like pouring a cup of bleach down the hatchet,” he said. “If I don’t take the medication, it’s bad for me. If I drink […]

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Newburgh, NY, fights for clean water after cancer-causing chemical discovered

NEWBURGH, N.Y. – Vanessa Budetti tries to live a clean, healthy life. She stocks organic and natural products in her household. She runs frequently to stay in shape. And she even rejects bottled water to decrease her environmental impact. So the 45-year old Newburgh resident said she was surprised when she found out that she […]

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Experts react to Trump administration’s proposed Superfund cuts

PHOENIX – Under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, the Environmental Protection Agency would face a 31 percent cut – or about $2.6 billion. The cuts would include a 30 percent decrease in funding to the Superfund program. Though the president’s budget serves largely as a suggestion for Congress, it does reflect the administration’s priorities. President […]

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