Author: Fraser Allan Best

Episode 4: Lead problems in Milwaukee

Milwaukee still has about 70,000 lead pipes that connect to homes. The city has slowly replaced old lines with copper, but some advocates say they’re not working quickly enough. Those advocates call for more action on the part of the city, say the toxic metal jeopardizes the health of families. Reporter Michael M. Santiago takes […]

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Wisconsin community grapples with bovine feces in water

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wisc. – In 2014, a study by U.S. Department of Agriculture researcher Mark Borchardt indicated that 40 of 131 residential wells sampled in Kewaunee County were contaminated with bovine feces. Lynn Utesch, the founder of environmental advocacy group Kewaunee Cares, sees the presence of bovine feces in the water as coinciding with the […]

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